A-E 7 Checklists


These checklists (Dec 2016 version) should be used by a surveyor to ensure his/her property survey and map, report, or US PLS monument record comply with Wis Admin Code A-E 7 Minimum Standards for Property Surveys.

Wis Admin Code A-E 7 provides property survey quality standards if they otherwise are not defined. Only specific parts of Wis Admin Code A-E 7 may apply depending on the type or age of survey. These are defined in Wis Admin Code A-E 7.01, 7.02, and 7.08 summarized below:

A−E 7.01 Scope. The minimum standards of this chapter apply to every property survey performed in this state except:

(1) If other standards for property surveys are prescribed by statute, administrative rule, or ordinance, and the standards are more restrictive than those in this chapter, the more restrictive standards govern; and,

(2) The professional land surveyor and his or her client may agree in a signed statement to exclude any land surveying work from the requirements of this chapter except the preparation of a U.S. public land survey monument record and a map of work performed unless there is an existing map and a survey report is filed in lieu of a map.

A−E 7.02 Definitions. For the purposes of this chapter:

(3) “Survey report” means a report that may be prepared when there is an existing map recorded or filed within the last 6 years and no new monuments are established in the survey.

A−E 7.08 U.S. public land survey monument record.

(1) When Monument Record Required. A U.S. public land survey monument record shall be prepared and filed with the county survey records as part of any land survey within 60 days of setting or accepting the corner which includes or requires the perpetuation, restoration, or use of a U.S. public land survey corner and when any of the following situations arise:...

Using this information, determine the appropriate checklist(s) to use:





A-E 7.01 Property resurvey, except B-D below

A-E 7 Main


A-E 7.01(1) Other applicable standards apply (ordinates, statue, etc)



A-E 7.02 (3) Survey Report

Survey Report


A-E 7.08 US PLS Monument Record

USPLS Record


A-E 7.01(2) Client and surveyor agree to exclusions


More than one checklist may be applicable.

Map Review Request Form

Each surveyor should be thoroughly familiar with Wis Admin Code A-E 7. The checklists are provided only as guides and are not intended to replace statue or code. Statue and code have authority over checklist items should there be an inconsistency between them.

Checklists are only for verifying Wis Admin Code A-E 7 requirements are met. It is the surveyor’s responsibility to be familiar with local ordinances and understand their interaction with Wis Admin Code A-E 7.

Comments and questions can be directed to the WSLS Ethics and Standards of Practice Committee. Current contact information is provided on the E&SPC page.

updated 13 Mar 2017



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