Ads Information

There are five Classified Ads categories

Employment Available - Job openings at firms, companies, agencies, etc, which provide or use surveying or related services. 

Employment Wanted - Individuals seeking jobs in surveying or related areas.

Student Employment - Students in, or recent graduates of, surveying or related degree programs and who are seeking internships, summer jobs, or full time positions.

Wanted to Buy - Seeking surveying or related equipment or other materials.

For Sale - Surveying or related equipment, material, antiques, etc, for sale.

Any website visitor may view Classified Ads.

Selecting a category from the Classified Ads menu will display a summary list of ads in that category.

Picking an ad from the list will open that ad.

Ads may only be placed by Advertisers which consist of WSLS Members (all levels), along with non-member Students and qualifying Firms.

A WSLS Member only needs to have a site account to place ads. This includes memebrs at all levels: Life Fellow, Life, Fellow, Regular, CST, Associate, Affiliate, Sustaining, and Student.

A qualifying Firm is any firm, company, or agnecy which uses or provides surveying or related services and is not a WSLS Sustaining Member. To obtain an account for placing ads, a Firm must submit a Firm Account Request located at Resources | Classified Ads

A Student is one who is either currently enrolled in or recently graduated from a surveying or related program and is not a WSLS member. To obtain an account for placing ads, a Student must submit a Student Account Request located at Resources | Classified Ads.

Advertisers place amd maintain ads on their own without having to submit information to a site administrator.

After logging in, an Advertiser will see additional Classified Ads menu items for placing and managing ads.

Included also will be links to help articles including information on what kinds of ads are allowed and content guidelines.

For more information, log in as an Advertiser and check the menu items.

posted 19 Sep 2015