Advantages of an Assessor's Plat Survey

...All conflicting and disputed land boundaries are legally reconciled.

...All uncertain or inaccurate land descriptions are legally clarified.

...All land boundaries are accurately located by a modern land survey.

...Property financing transactions are adequately secured and convenienced.

...Title insurance determinations are facilitated by accurate descriptions.

...Transfers of land title are accommodated with assurance and efficiency.

...An equitable basis is provided for taxation and special assessments.

...Unrecorded and omitted land parcels are accounted for on tax roll.

...Future property improvements may be located without encroachments.

...Future property divisions by a record land survey are simplified.

...All survey monuments are protected by statutory fine and/or imprisonment.

...Public review, government approvals and court adjudication is duly provided.

...Written and unwritten title rights and/or interests are ascertained or clarified.

...Future public works are supported by more accurate survey control.

...Subsequent corrections or amendments require the same statutory process.

...All local land ordinances can be more effectively administrated.

...Inadequate subdivision plats or maps are vacated in whole or in part.

...The survey must be performed and the plat prepared by a Registered Wisconsin Land Surveyor in strict compliance with specific statutory provisions.

...Cost is equitably levied upon the basis of assessed land valuation, without inclusion of the assessed valuation of improvements.

...Apportioned cost to the local government and individual land owners is more economical than by separate or individual property surveys.

...Costs may be collected by special assessment, in whole or in part.

...Subsequent parcel description is simplified by lot number of plat, in lieu of a lengthy and cumbersome metes and bounds reference.

...Boundaries and corners are surveyed in conformity with public land records, buyer and seller intent and evidence of possession.

...Conflicting or disputed common boundaries are mutually resolved by a recorded boundary agreement between the involved landowners.

...The final surveyed plat is publicly documented in county records and a true and correct copy of the recorded plat is made available to the involved landowners.