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Volunteer for a Committee

The strength of any professional organization is its members and their willingness to work for the betterment of their organization and profession. For WSLS the bulk of that effort is through Committees, each with specific responsibilties and consisting of members who volunteer their time and expertise. If you would like to help affect the evolution of WSLS as well as the Wisconsin Surveying Profession, volunteer for a Committee. In addition to contributing, it's also a good way to learn more about our profession especially as practiced in other parts of the state. If you're new to the profession and/or WSLS, this is a good way to learn more about both and take an active part in shaping your career.

Committees are more effective when diverse opinions and backgrounds are brought together to address issues.

To sign up for a Committee, complete the Volunteer for a Committee form. Help shape the future of WSLS and Surveying.

posted 29 Dec 2016