Ethics and Standards of Practice Committee

Last update: 13 Mar 2017

The Survey Map Review Committee and its responsibilities have been consolidated into the Ethics and Standards of Practice Committee

Committee Charges

  • Review complaints, consult with WSLS Board, and where warranted file a complaint with the DSPS
  • Monitor and report to WSLS Board on ongoing matters related to Ethics and Standards
  • Designate a committee member to attend and monitor all Registration Board meetings and report results to the WSLS Board
  • Monitor A-E 7 for changes and communicates any changes and interpretations to the Board and membership.
  • Prepare a best practice guidebook detailing interpretations of A-E 7 and other issues raised during reviews.
  • Respond to questions and standards questions from the membership and public bodies who review and file surveys.
  • Recommends changes and updates to the “Types of Surveys” and Find a Surveyor” sections of the WSLS Website.
  • Provide a series of A-E 7 checklists for surveyors to use as guides for preparing A-E 7 survey documents.

Upon request, the Committee wil review a survey map or survey document for A-E 7 compliance and document its findings. 


Wisconsin Society of Land Surveyors
Francis Thousand, Executive Director
5113 Spaanem Ave
Madison, WI  53716
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 Committee Members



Ethic & Standards of Practice complaint form

A-E 7 Checklists

Survey Review Request form