Government Affairs Committee

update: 14 Mar 2017

Committee Charges

  • Monitor and report on legislation concerning land surveying and other issues of interest to WSLS
  • Pursue legislation important to land surveyors as directed by the WSLS Board
  • Work with the WSLS lobbyist and the membership to encourage individual lobbying to have an effect on legislation concerning our profession.
  • Continue the efforts of the Friends of Wisconsin Surveyors, including promoting activities and fundraising efforts to our membership.
  • Work with the Website Committee to assist individual members in staying abreast with issues of interest to WSLS and communicating with their respective legislators regarding them.


Peter Lewis
329 Orchard Drive
Madison, WI 53705
(M) (608) 669-2603
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       Jeff DeMuth, Richard Eberhardt, Steve Geiger, Tony Gromacki, Ed Harvey, Chad Kopecky, Jimmy Rein, James Rusch, Frank Thousand, Sean Walsh, Bill Wenzel, Robert Winat. 



Senate Bill 394 - Survey Modernization

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Bill history, amendments, resolutions appointments, etc.   Current legislation and other government actions