Madison Area Surveyors Council

Updated: September 11th.2018







President:  Alysen Tierney
Vice President:  Todd Buhr 
Secretary/Treasurer:  John Thousand
WSLS Rep:  Julius Smith
Past President:  Adam Schleicher         

2018 MASC Chapter Dues


Bob O'Neill Web Page
(608) 279-0008
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MASC Meeting Wedsnesday October 10th 6pm

Madison College aka MATC

3550 Anderson St

Healthcare Building room 226

Madison, Wi


Truax map


MASC Scholarship Program (Control Right Click Below)

Scholarship Announcement

Scholarship Application

  • Wednesday October, September 10th – MASC Meeting Madison College

MASC Picnic Meeting Tuesday July 10th.



Joint Meeting MASC and Southwest Chapter 6/19/18


 6- 29-18b





 President:  Alysen Tierney           Vice President: Todd Buhr       Secretary/Treasurer:  John Thousand           WSLS Rep:  Bob O'Neill         Past President:  Adam Schleicher


                                Joint Meeting MASC & Southwest Chapter

                                            Tuesday June 19th 2018.

                                                  Main Street Lanes

                                               1721 Main Street.

                                                      Madison WI. 

             Program; Bruce Bowden A-E 6 & A-E7 update

                             Terry Van Hout Diggers Hot line Discussion   

                                       Business Meeting Minutes

Attendance; Bob O’Neill, John Krebs, Julius Smith, Frank Thousand, Chris Badke, Zack Reynolds & Adam Gile.

The Meeting was brought to order by the President of Southeast Chapter Mick Heberlein at 6:40 pm.

Free Student Membership in the Southwest Chapter offered to Students attending University of Wisconsin Platteville. Membership is from August to August.

  • The Motion was voted on for the second time at consecutive Southwest Chapter meetings. It passed unanimously by voice vote. The Southwest chapter will change its bylaws to allow for the new Student membership.

Motion to adjourn Bob O’Neill, Second Bruce Bowden, Motion carried by voice vote meeting Adjourned at 7:34pm.

Meeting Details

  • Diggers Hot line- Terry Van Hout President Elect.

        Alysen Tierney MASC President is on the Diggers Hotline Advisory Committee.

        Send Diggers Hotline Ticket Issues to the head of the WisDOT Liaison Committee Kevin Boyer.

  • A-E6 and A-E7 Discussion Bruce Bowden.

A-E-6 Waiting for response from Governor Walker office on A-E6 professional surveyor’s scope statement. Issues concerning references on out of State License applications only out of state references. Require one in state reference. In addition, references must be positive. If reference does not recommend licensure, reject application.

A-E7 have received Governor Walker office professional surveyor’s scope statement.

July 1rst deadline on A-E7 stakeholder comments forward to Hellen Leong This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Point of Beginning Project

 The Southwest Chapter will be selling Cribbage boards at the Annual Institute to raise money for                

  The Point of Beginning Project.

  • WSLS Board Meeting Saturday May 14th at the Rothschild Holiday Inn.

MASC Chapter Representative Julius Smith Reported on meeting

  • Saint Cloud State University dropping two and four Year Survey programs please send a letter recommending the Survey department continues.
  • Dues Increase for NSPS approved $20.
  • Map-Plat contest at WSLS Institute looking at an entry fee


  • Ethics and Standards of Practice Committee John Halverson Reviewed 3 maps.
  • Education Committee Jim Morrow stepped down as chair take over by Jim Sehloff meeting this Saturday for First Year Scholarship selection.


  • Home Snap Pro used by Realtors and homeowners for lot line locations. Is it legal? Contact Joshua Prentice with questions.


  • Summer Picnic Tuesday July 10th. Indian Lake Park Highway #19 just west of       Highway #12. Southwest Chapter is invited.







                               MASC The Year 2017 in review


                                     MASC Banquet and Annual Meeting

                                             Tuesday January 9th, 2018

                                                 Vintage Brewing Co.

                                                  674 S. Whitney Way

                                                   Madison WI  53711 



°       Report by Bob Welsh WSLS Lobbyist

  • Legislative Review of 2017
  • 2018- State to review all professional licenses for need.
  • 2018 Review of A-E 7
  • welsh

°  State of the County Address, County Surveyor Dan Frick.

  • 6 Townships opted out of Dane county Zoning
  • Next batch of section corners to be bid out for re-monumentation project
  • CSM’s up 9% Plats up 33%
  • Frick2Comp

°  Election of Chapter Representative to WSLS

  • Julius Smith

°  Friends of Wisconsin Surveyors Social hour

  • $75 in donations.

°  MASC scholarship presented by President Alysen Tierney

  • Alex Mayou won a $750 MASC scholarship
  • MASCsch3comp

°  Seiler / WSLS scholarship

  • Alex Mayou center won a $1000 Seiler / WSLS scholarship
  • Terry Lueschow from Seiler and Dan Birrenkott WSLS Foundation presented the scholarship.
  • seilersch1editcomp

°  Bucky’s Challenge

  • MASC to sponsor a Team $250.

°  MASC Donation to WSLS Foundation.

  • MASC to donate $500 to the WSLS Foundation.

°  MASC forms a planning committee for WSLS Summer Meeting 2019

  • Bob O’Neill, Alysen Tierney, Todd Buhr, Adam Schleicher, Adam Giles,  Holly Urbain, Alex Mayou & Dan Birrenkott.

°  Future Programs

  • Wednesday, February 14th – Canceled Because of proximity to institute.
  • Tuesday, March 13th – Jefferson County location details to follow. 
  • Wednesday, April 11th -TBD     



                          Meeting Wednesday December 13th, 2017


                                              5100 Eastpark Blvd.

                                                      Madison WI. 

             Program; Russ Nicloy & Chris Wilkes of MasterGraphics

       Scanning point clouds and manipulating them in Autodesk Civil 3D.

            Demonstration of the newest tools for line work extraction.

  Attendance; Bob O’Neill, John Thousand, Alysen Tierney, Todd Buhr, Adam Schleicher, Rodney Key, John Krebs, Devon Vander Hevvel, Holly Urbain, Francis Thousand, Dan Frick, Russ Nicloy & Chris Wilkes.

°New Voting and Nomination Procedures Discussed

°Bucky’s Challenge

  • MASC donated $100 for Tee Shirts

°MASC Scholarship Committee

  • The winner of the MASC $750 Scholarship is Alex Mayou
  • The scholarship will be presented at the January 9th Banquet.

°2019 Summer Meeting hosted by MASC

  • Planning Committee formed

                                       MASC REPORT

                             to WSLS Board  Year of 2017

°Paul Soglin Mayor of Madison @ Madison College



°Program; Gus Vander Wegen & Julie Johnson

  •  Public Speaking, getting your message across.
  •  Gus and Julie are members of the Toastmasters club.
  • Speaker3 7 17

°Plating & annexation procedures.

  • Renee Powers; Plat Review
  • Don Sime Plat; Review
  • Eric Schmidtke; Annexations
  • DSC00191


 °Program; Dan Frick County Surveyor


°Program 2017 Picnic

  • Holly Urbain and Terry Lueschow - Seiler, Bob Kilburn - Leica, Cliff  De Temple – Turning Point.
  • MeetingRightComp

            Meeting LeftComp                

 °MASC & Southwest Chapter Joint Meeting



°Program; Jeff Quamme & Eric Pederson, Madison Engineering mapping Division