Madison Area Surveyors Council

Updated: December 13th. 2017







President:  Alysen Tierney
Vice President:  Todd Buhr 
Secretary/Treasurer:  John Thousand
WSLS Rep:  Bob O'Neill
Past President:  Adam Schleicher         

2018 MASC Chapter Dues


Bob O'Neill MASC Representaive to WSLS
(608) 279-0008
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Meeting Tonight 6:00 pm @ OTIE  Wednesday December 13th. 2017

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December 13 Meeting Agenda

December Treasurers Report

Minutes11-14-17 MASCpg#1


OTIE Map for Directions

Last month

Minutes 10-11-17 Meeting

                                   WSLS Board of Directors Meeting

                                                 December 2nd , 2017

                                                     Holliday Inn

                                                   Rothschild, WI

º        Presidents Address Larry Miller

  • 45°-90° monument project well done to David Decker& Chris Fieri
  • A-E7 well done to Tony Gromacki

º        Government Affairs Committee

  • A-E 7
    • Compile A-E7 suggestions from chapters
    • Make a recommendation to the board for changes.
    • Friends of Wisconsin Surveyors
      • Pancake Friends Breakfast Thursday at Annual Institute

º        Annual Institute

  • Registration is open for the WSLS annual Institute see WSLS website
  • CST test to be given
  • Live Auction after Banquet in lieu of Entertainment.
  • NWTC will have a 3-D Sandbox set up.
  • Phone App “Guide Book” a go
    • Schedule of all classes
    • Customize your classes
    • Printed documents for all classes

º        WIDOT Committee

  • Eliminate Training and staff meeting for Surveyors
  •  Elimination of positions through attritions

º        Director at Large Report

  • NWTC Students Dug for Section Corner in Oneida Nation
  • Great learning experience but didn’t find Corner evidence,

º        NSPS

  • Meeting February 20th-22nd Las Vegas Nevada
    • Luxor Hotel
    • WSLS to send President and President of Young Surveyors
    • Increase dues to $50 currently paid for WSLS
      • Board suggests NSPL send justification of Increase.
      • Board has a MOU agreement it would have to update with NSPS
      • Lisa Van Horn is the new president
      • Elections for Vise President open December 31st.

º        Foundation

  • Auction duplicate survey equipment after banquet

º        Electronic Voting for WSLS Offices.

  • Survey Monkey
    • Candidates will be in random order
    • Candidates Video  can be accessed
    • One ballot per E-Mail account
    • A reminder to vote will follow after ballot.
    • Please make sure Frank Thousand ha a valid E-Mail address for you.
    • No paper ballots were requested before the deadline.
    • Bio will be in the Wisconsin Professional surveyor.


                                                     MASC REPORT

                                        Meeting Tuesday November 14th, 2017


                                                           Room #8,

                                            864 Collins Rd. Jefferson, WI. 

             Program; Les Van Horn

 County Boundary. Boundaries changed often during early State history. Are you searching for survey records in the wrong County?

      Les discussed how County boundaries were formed and changed in a chronological order.

        Special thanks to Jim Morrow for providing the room refreshments and snacks.   

Attendance; Bob O’Neill, Alysen Tierney, Todd Buhr, Dan Rodman, John Holol, Glen Schaefer, Terry Genske, John Krebs, Devon Vander Heuvel, John Kannard, Alex Mayou, Mark Anderson, Jim Morrow, Trent Williams, Francis Thousand & Steve Grady.

  • Young Surveyors, Alysen Tierney

                °Meeting Oct. 4-6 Frisco Texas during NSPS meeting


  • MASC Scholarship Committee


                °Opened committee membership to volunteers

                °Deadline MASC Scholarship November 17th.


  • Seiler/WSLS and Foundation Scholarships


                °Jim Morrow education Chair Discussed scholarships

                                               Chapter A-E7 review.

  • Motion by Devon Vander Heuvel:
    • Wording to be included in A-E 7.01 Scope. (a)

If a filed waver is in the Professional Surveyors Office, a note must be on the Map stating that a waver has been filed.

  • Second by Francis Thousand
  • Motion carried
  • Motion by Trent Williams:
    • Wording to be included in A-E 7.05 Maps. (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)(7)(8)(9)(10)(11)

If waver is secured, it should be noted on the face of the map.

  • Second by Devon Vander Heuvel
  • Motion carried.
  • Motion by Francis Thousand:
    • Wording to be included in A-E 7.025 Survey report, requirements.

(5)(6)(7)(10)(11) added to the other excepts. A-E 7.05 (1)(2)(3)(4)

  • Second by Bob O’Neill
  • Motion carried.
  • All changes in red letters were approved on the document forwarded on 11-14-2017 by Tony Gromacki Titled A-E 7 committee changes.docx except no consensus was formed on
    • A-E 7.02 Definitions. (3)

Strike “within the last 6 Years”


  • Madison College Civil Tech Club Alex Mayou,


                °Two Fund raisers so far

                °Raised about $100 funds by selling candy and chips at Madison College.

  • MASC Banquet


                °Tuesday January 9th at the Vintage Brew Pub.

 Up and coming Meetings;

 December 13th. Wednesday 6pm Master Graphics talk on point clouds.

 January 9th. MASC Banquet at the Vintage Brewery.


                                   Meeting Wednesday October 11th, 2017

                                                      Madison College 

                                      Room #226, Health Education Building

                                            1705 Hoffman Street ,Madison WI. 

             Program; Steve Grady of Seiler Instruments

                             Robotic Total Station Scanning demonstration and applications.


Bob O’Neill, John Thousand, Alysen Tierney, Katarina Stojanovic,Tyler Prosa, Dan Theiler, Greg Larson, Rodney Key, John Krebs, Devon Vander Hevvel, Holly Urbain, Alex Mayou, Dan Rodman, Adam Gile, Katie Schwantes, Omoregie Igiehon,  Francis Thousand, Steve Grady, & Julius Smith

10 11 17Photo


  • New Voting and Nomination Procedures Discussed
  • Young Surveyor

                      ° Report on Meeting  in Frisco Texas during NSPS Convention

  •  NSPS Convention and Tech Expo Oct. 4-7 Frisco Texas report
  •   MASC Scholarship Committee 

                       ° Discussed WSLS, Seiler Leica & Bernten Scholarships          

                       ° Discussed MASC Scholarship.               

                       ° Viewed the WSLS website and the location of scholarship Applications.

                       ° Viewed the WSLS Chapter MASC website and the location of scholarship Applications.

  • Madison College Civil Tech Club

                       ° President Alex Mayou, secretary Dan Theiler,           

                       ° Raising funds by selling candy and chips at Madison College.

                       ° Send members to WSLS Institute and purchase shirts with funds.

                       ° Holly Urbain volunteered to embroider shirts.

  • WSLS awards

                        °  Discussed nominee’s for WSLS  Surveyor Awards

  •  MASC Banquet

                        ° Tuesday January 9th at the Vintage Brew Pub.  

Up and coming Meetings;

 November 14th. Tuesday 6pm Jefferson Co.  The shape of the Counties Les Van Horn

 December 13th. Wednesday 6pm Trimble Manipulation of Scanned survey data.




                                  Meeting Tuesday September 12th, 2017

                                Larry D. Nelson Building City of Madison

                                       1600 Emil Street Madison WI. 

             Program; Jeff Quamme & Eric Pederson, Engineering mapping Division

                           Outline of City of Madison Land Division Review Process

  Attendance; Bob O’Neill, John Thousand, Alysen Tierney, Jeff Quamme, Dan Theiler, Greg Larson, Rod Key, Terry Genske, Terry Van Hout, John Hohul, Alex Mayou, Dmoregie Igiehon, Katie Schwantes, Eric Pederson, Francis Thousand, Steve Grady, Jason Thao, & Julius Smith.


  • New Voting and Nomination Procedures Discussed      
  • Young Surveyors 
    • Meeting was a canoe trip on Wisconsin River
    • Meeting Oct. 4-6 Frisco Texas during NSPS meeting
  • NSPS Convention and Tech Expo Oct. 4-7 Frisco Texas

  • MASC Scholarship CommitteeOpened

    • Opened committee membership to volunteers
    • Discussed MASC Scholarship.
  •  Seiler/WSLS Chapter Scholarships
    • Steve Grady from Seiler Discussed scholarships
      • MASC officers volunteered for letters of recomadation
      • MASC to have next meeting at Madison College.

    Future meetings:

    October 11th Wednesday : Scholarships Meeting at Madison College aka MATC




                                           Meeting Tuesday July 11, 2017

                                                         MASC Picnic

                                                 Indian Lake County Park

                                                        8313 WI Hwy #19

                                                        Berry WI.

                             Attendance; John Thousand, Alex Schaefer, Frank Thousand, Alysen Tierney, Bob O’Neill, Todd Buhr, Bob Kilburn, Zack Reynolds, Julius Smith, John Krebs, Terry Lueschow, Rod Key, Holly Urbain.

Cliff  De Temple  of Turning Point, Special Thanks from MASC,


Cliff  brought the grill and the grilling expertise.

º        Meeting Topic new survey equipment

  • Holly Urbain and Terry Lueschow - Seiler, Bob Kilburn - Leica, Cliff  De Temple – Turning Point.

 MeetingRightComp Meeting LeftComp


Future meetings:

August 9th Wednesday :Canceled due to proximity to summer meeting

September 12th Tuesday : Speaker to be determined

October 11th Wednesday : Scholarships Meeting at Madison College aka MATC