June 2017

Inclined to Tank You

One end of a fuel tank stand has settled causing the tank to be sloped at 10°00’ from back to front. This prevents some fuel from draining out of the bung at the bottom of the tank’s front.tank1

The tank is cylindrical with a 48” diameter and 72” length (inside dimensions). The bung is 2-1/2” diameter and its opening is located 1” above the inside tank bottom.

tank3     tank2
How much fuel, to nearest 0.01 gallon, is left in the tank? Assume 10% ethanol fuel with 89 octane rating (R+M method), tank wall roughness is 0.00015 ft, and meniscus effect is negligible.


   S       D       B       Total         Name           Date      Comments
  10     Larry Schmit 20 Jun  
  8     Norm Hanson 25 Jun  
  6     Scott Dischler 26 Jun  
  4     Al Melbard 02 Jul  

updated 02 Jul 2017