Sep 2017

Survey Double-Speak

This month’s Problem Corner is a word puzzle.

Each numbered line in the Answer Grid consists of a single or multiple word answer.

Use the numbered Clues to determine each corresponding answer.

Each underscore represents a letter in the answer - blanks between words aren’t included. Except for the first, each answer begins with the last letter of the previous answer.



1. Forty poles
2. Shortest distance on a geoid
3. Red earl



Remember to think outside the box (remember who created this puzzle).

A few letters have been included in the Answer Grid to help you along.

Answer Grid

You can download the Answer Grid as a PDF form - just complete it and email it to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



1. My chain is 7.92 inches short because of this.
2. GPS on the move.
3. Bottom of the bag.
4. Mechanical computing device named for its inventor.
5. Incorrectly inclined tiara.
6. Point directly below an observer.
7. It's like a really really short NASCAR track.
8. The deepest path to follow.
9. On the level, I mean, mean sea level, see?
10. No, it’s not turning down an invitation.
11. If it "floats your canoe."
12. This bar brings things to a halt.
13. Just waiting for my suit.
14. Gave it a go in Ohio.
15. It gets tighter going in.
16. The UW is one of these institutions.
17. Going off on one.
18. Written cravat wearing instructions.
19. A sound way of measuring.
20. Go back to the tavern again.
21. A leftover.
22. An oak that’s in the way.
23. Outside of what it says.
24. You’ve got stones.
25. A shared characteristic of adverse possession and Billy the Kid.
26. Well placed location for determining the earth's circumference.
27. Overstep.
28. Name common to a Wis PLS surveyor and "Number 9" band member.
29. Well, not exactly...
30. Relating to lake abutting property.
31. Famous for his cone.
32. A base you can really screw up.

updated 7 Sep 2017