Rules, Scoring, Running Total


Each Wisconsin Professional Surveyor newsletter will have a Problem Corner designed to challenge your mental acuity. The Problem will also be on the website when the newsletter is sent out.

The rules are simple: solve the Problem and submit your solution.

You can either scan your solution, or attach digital files, and email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or snail-mail to Jerry Mahun, 115 East Bryan Street, Cuba City, WI 53807.

Each submitter's name will be posted on the Problem's page as the solutions are received.

Submission deadline is when the following issue of the Wisconsin Professional Surveyor goes to the publisher.


All solutions will be scored at the same time at Problem closing. Results will be summarized in the following newsletter issue and posted on the Poblem's page.

Solutions will be scored on correctness, when they are received, and support computations using the following point system:

Solution (S) Date rec'd (D) Bonus (B)
  6: Correct answer   10: first   5: Manual comps
  4: Minor error    8: second   4: Manual comps with some software
  2: Major error    6: third   3: Software only
  0: Boom    4: fourth   2: No comps, explanation only
     2: fifth-ninth   0: no explanation, only an answer
     1: tenth and later   3: Math check (manual or software)


Although many Problems can be solved with software, the scoring system rewards solvers who mostly rely on the tried-and-true manual solutions approach. And those of us who have been around awhile understand the worth of a math check where possible.

One of the correct solutions will posted on the Problem's page.

Running Total

A cumulative running total will be shown here for each submitter. The top three solvers over the course of a year will receive valuable prizes and be entitled to bragging rights. The annual cycle consists of the Dec-Mar-Jun-Sep Problems so that winners can be announced in the Dec newsletter at year's end. Prizes can be picked up at the Annual Institute.

2018 running total - Dec '17 & Mar '18 Problems

Name  Score 
Ryan Frisque 15
Norm Hanson 48
Chris Ruetten 16
Glen Schaefer 19
Larry Schmidt 49
Dave Tlusty 30

updated 20 Aug 2018