TrigStar Committee

Last update: 21 Mar 2017

Committee Charges

  • Promote, monitor, and coordinate the program through the WSLS chapters.
  • Find new incentives to encourage our members to seek out their local high schools for Trig Star presentations.
  • Get a firm commitment for at least one high school presentation from each chapter.
  • Relay any questions, irregularities or challenges with the Trig Star questions to the Executive Director for presentation to the national committee.
  • Make presentations at each of the chapters not currently participating in this program. (Educate the surveyors not just the students).
  • Reach out to the NSPS for current promotional information.
  • Work with the Outreach Committee to develop an informational brochure to educate the benefits of the program and distribute it.
  • Reach out and recruit 1 surveyor from each chapter to champion the committee at the chapter level.
  • Prepare a “template” press release for use by the chapter to accompany a picture of the exam, and be sent to the local newspaper.
  • Use the WSLS Website for promoting:
    • Updates on program.
    • Program Promotion
    • Exam alert ±2 months in advance
    • Exam Dates
    • Committee Contacts.
    • Future meeting Dates.


Matt O'Rourke
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Getting Started in TrigStar

Want to get involved with TrigStar but don't know where to start? Check out this information packet which also contains sample questions. The NSPS TrigStar website has a lot of program information and useful resources. And of course the TrigStar Committee can also assist and maybe even help connect you to someone locally who's already doing TrgStar.

TrigStar Participation Certificates

TrigStar test presenters can use the following material to create participation certificates for students.

Certificate.docx and Students.xlsx are Microsoft Office files used to generate the certificates.

CreatingTrigStarCertificates.pdf are written instructions on how to create the certificates which are also available as a video.