Wis Land Information Council Created

Posted 02 Jul 2015

The newly formed Wis Land Information Council (WLIC) will serve in an advisory role to Wis Dept of Administration (DOA) on the Statewide Parcel Map Initiative (see related announcement) and matters relating to Wisconsin Land Information Program (WLIP). WLIC will consist of five private sector reps (including a professional surveyor), five puiblic sector reps, a state or fed gov't rep, and the State Cartographer, all appointed by the DOA.

Visit the WLIC website for more information including a link to to apply for Council membership.


  • 4 Aug
    Wisconsin Historic Landscape Project 08:00 PM

    Are you interested in the landscape and vegetation of Wisconsin prior to European settlement? Do you need access to historic Public Land Survey System (PLSS) data? Are you curious about historic applications

  • 7 Aug
    WLIC Membership Application Due All Day

    Application for appointment to the DOA's advisory Wis Land Infromation Coucil are due by today. WLIC membership will consist of 5 private sector reps (includinga professional surveyor), 5 public scector

  • 13 Aug
    NGS Ecosystems and Climate Operations webinar 02:00 PM to 03:00 PM

    The NGS Ecosystem and Climate Operations (ECO) team adapts NGS products and services to support non-navigational coastal stakeholders. These users need high accuracy land elevations and water levels even