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Education & CST Committee

The CST Committee and the Education Committee have both been consolidated into the Education & CST Committee.


The Education Committee is currently accepting applications. Descriptions, qualifications, and application process are detailed on the Scholarship page.

Committee Charges

  • Promote scholarships with notices to eligible schools.
  • Prepares notices to announce the scholarship program and application forms.
  • Review applications and select the winners in time for publication in the December issue of the Wisconsin Professional Surveyor.
  • Promotes a paper writing contest, to include a notice in the March and June issues of the Wisconsin Professional Surveyor.
  • Continue exploring the possibility of a four year degree program in surveying in Wisconsin, Until that happens, it supports and encourages the continuation of a four year degree program at neighboring state schools.
  • Distribute the film, Professional Land Surveying: A Career Without Boundaries.
  • Prepare a brief for publication about the pro’s and con’s of a four year degree and continue exploring an in State 2+2 surveying degree between the vocational schools and University System.
  • Meet with the CST Program Committee to discuss CST as an evaluation tool for future employment and pro’s and con’s of a certificate needed for employment.
  • Investigate private online education opportunities and its presence on the WSLS website.
  • Use the WSLS Website to promote the committee and the value to the members of the WSLS.
  • Appoint an Education Committee member to liaison with the Foundation to assist with communication on scholarship matters.


Mark Kamin


Members: Larry Miller, Aaron Ballast, Craig Donze, Thomas Lesie,  Scott Andersen, Kristin Belongia, Rob Jacobson, Brett Lotto, Cody Brommerich, Adam Gile, Greg Webster, Bob O'Neill, Jim Morrow, Robert Winat, Devon Vanden Huevel, Howard Herrild.

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