Geospacial Committee

Committee Charges

    • Continue to monitor the WLIP, WDOA, and WSCO for updates and status of the Statewide Parcel Mapping initiative.
    • Identify the like-minded Geospatial organizations.
      • Develop a method of reach out to these organizations.
      • Monitor these organizations functions and initiatives.
      • Identify the affect their initiatives have on WSLS.
    • Explore possibilities for increased awareness of professional surveyors providing geospatial services.
      • Advertise possible “geospatial activities” that may have an effect on the members of WSLS:
        • 3DEP
        • Flair Act
        • Utility Mapping
        • Datum of 2022, including GPS on Benchmarks program.
    • Read the COGO Report Card and think about implementing the cadastre.
    • Use NSPS, determine if they have a Geospatial Committee and work with them.


    Richard G. Kleinmann

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