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The Wisconsin Society of Land Surveyors wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for our members. Becoming a member of the WSLS will help to keep you up-to-date on issues, laws and regulations that affect the profession of land surveying. Join us in our endeavors of promoting the land surveying profession, improving legislative awareness and enhancing professionalism. We encourage our members to get involved, provide input and be an active participant.

Member Benefits

  • A subscription to our quarterly newsletter
  • Access to our annual directory
  • Access to free publications including: Courthouse Calendars, Wisconsin Laws and others
  • Discounts on seminars and the annual Institute
  • Discounts on books relating to the profession of surveying
  • Legal assistance on topics of concern
  • Lobby services on issues benefiting or threatening land surveying
  • Access to the classified ads on the website
  • Firm directory on the website
  • A forum for professional land surveyors to share ideas and talk about issues important to them
  • The knowledge that you are vital in shaping the land laws and records in Wisconsin

Membership Types and Dues

Regular Member Annual Dues:

$180 - Any person currently licensed as a land surveyor in the State of Wisconsin

CST Member Annual Dues:

$110 - Any person currently a CST Level III and above in the State of Wisconsin

Associate Member Annual Dues:

$90 - Any non-licensed person engaged in surveying under the supervision of a professional land surveyor

Affiliate Member Annual Dues:

$90 - Any person having an interest in the advancement of, or service to, the land surveying profession

Student Member Annual Dues:

$18 - Any person enrolled in a full-time course leading to a degree or associate degree in surveying or civil engineering

Sustaining Member Annual Dues:

$360 - Any person or firm engaged in providing instruments, equipment, tools, supplies, software, hardware or services to the surveying profession

Fellow Member Annual Dues:

$270 - Any past-president of the Society or any other Regular Member who has made outstanding contributions to the surveying profession and who has been invited by the Board of Directors

Life Member Annual Dues:

$00 - Life Member / NSPS Annual Dues: $50 - Any member the age of 65 or older, who has retired, and who has accrued a total of 10 years of continuous membership prior to the date of retirement

Only Regular, Fellow and Life Members shall have full office holding and voting privileges. CST Members have voting privileges. All classes of membership shall receive Society publications. Sustaining Members will be prominently listed in each Society newsletter publication. A membership card, membership certificate, and standard publications will be mailed to all new members.

All professional land surveyors who are Fellow or Regular Members of the Society must abide by the Constitution, By-laws, Code of Ethics, and other endorsed standards of professional practice and conduct.

All membership applications are subject to approval by the board of directors.

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