Leica Geosystems First-Year Student Scholarship

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Seiler Instrument/WSLS Foundation Chapter Scholarship

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WSLS Annual Institute Scholarship

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Leica Geosystems First-Year Student Scholarship

2022 Scholarship

The 2022 Leica Geosystems First-Year Student Scholarship, in the amount of Two (2) $1000, will be presented at the summer meeting on in late July early August.


To be eligible for the 2022 Leica Geosystem First-Year Student Scholarship a student must either be:

1.     Enrolled in and attending one of Wisconsin’s four area colleges that meet the education requirements of Wis Admin Code A-E 6.04 by offering a Land Surveying or Civil Engineering Program. These are: Madison Area Technical College, MidState Technical College, Milwaukee Area Technical College and Northeast Wisconsin Technical College. Applications will also be accepted from students in similar programs at Fox Valley Technical, College, Gateway Technical College and University of Wisconsin Platteville.


2.     A Wisconsin resident in a Bachelor of Science Surveying Program at an out-of-state school.

In addition, the first-year student must:

  • Be enrolled in or have completed at least one land surveying class in the program at the college they are attending.
  • Be a full-time student in the program of the college they are attending and enrolled in classes for the second year of the program.
  • Be in the process of completing the first year of the program with no more than 24 program credits.

While not a requirement for application, student membership in either WSLS or a local Chapter is highly encouraged. Membership will not be a consideration for scholarship selection.

Application Process

Each applicant must compile an application form consisting of:

  • Completed 2022 Leica Geosystems First Year Student Scholarship application (Google Form). PLEASE CHECK BACK IN SPRING 2023.
  • Upload Transcript(s) from college(s) attended, or currently attending, as pertaining to the Land Survey Program. Scanned hard copy versions are acceptable if not available from the school(s) in digital form. An unofficial transcript is acceptable if not yet available for the last completed semester.

Each Applicant must obtain letter(s) of recommendation:

The first must be from a Program Instructor who has agreed to provide a Letter of Recommendation. The Letter itself will be submitted by the author directly to or via the Google Form: PLEASE CHECK BACK IN SPRING 2023.

The applicant may also provide contact information for a second Letter of Recommendation writer. The second author may be another Instructor, Employer, or non-family character reference provider.
It is the applicant's responsibility to obtain agreement from the writer before submitting their contact information and ensure the Letter(s) arrive prior to application deadline.

If not indicated on the transcript, proof of Spring 2022 semester program enrollment must be included in the Instructor's Letter of Recommendation.

Application materials must be submitted by the first Saturday of May (May 7, 2022). Late or incomplete applications will not be considered for the Scholarship.

Selection Process

The WSLS Education Committee will select the Scholarship recipient on behalf of the WSLS Foundation basing the selection on academics, financial need, references, essay content, and involvement in student and professional organizations.


Contact the WSLS Education Committee by email at Emails need to contain for following subject line: 2022 Leica Geosystems First Year Scholarship.

Seiler Instrument / WSLS Foundation Chapter Scholarship

Seiler Instrument and the WSLS Foundation are pleased to sponsor nine $1,000.00 Chapter Scholarships that have been established to encourage surveying students to engage with local Wisconsin Society of Land Surveyors (WSLS) chapters. Applying for these scholarships provides many benefits including exposure to many potential employers.

These scholarships are available to students studying surveying at: Schools

  • Northeast Wisconsin Technical College
  • Madison Area Technical College
  • Milwaukee Area Technical College
  • Fox Valley Technical College
  • University of Wisconsin-Platteville
  • Mid-State Technical College
  • Gateway Technical College
  • Northcentral Technical College
  • An out-of-state school offering a Surveying degree.

Students may apply through any of the nine WSLS Chapters. In order to be eligible for a scholarship the student must be a Wisconsin resident and attend at least one meeting of the chapter through which they are applying. A student may apply through multiple chapters as long as they meet the chapter meeting attendance requirement for each chapter.

The nine WSLS Chapters that co-sponsored scholarships can be found here. The scholarship recipient will be selected by the local chapter and/or the WSLS Education Committee.

Selections are based on the following:

  • Academics
  • References
  • Student involvement with professional organizations

Seiler Instrument also appreciates the WSLS Foundation for working with us to establish the Annual Seiler Instrument Scholarship. This scholarship is one of eight $2,500 scholarships awarded yearly at the WSLS Annual Institute. Since 2006 Seiler has awarded over $25,000.00 to students just for this specific scholarship and we encourage students to submit an application for these scholarships also.

Seiler Instrument/WSLS Foundation Chapter Scholarships

Please check back September 2022 for application dates and complete instructions. Applications for this scholarship will be due by the end of December (December 31st, 2022). If you have questions, please contact


WSLS Annual Institute Scholarship 

New this Year! The first 20 complete applications (Annual Institute Scholarships) will be eligible to receive a $20 Amazon Gift card. Eligible students will receive these gift cards at the beginning of December. 

Gift card eligibility will be awarded based on a first come first serve basis and at the discretion of the WSLS Education Committee and the WSLS Foundation. There is a limit of 20 gift cards being awarded at this time. This offer is a trial and may not be offered in the future.

Since 1968, the Wisconsin Society of Land Surveyors (WSLS) has provided land surveying students financial assistance in the form of scholarships. The awards have grown from a handful of $2500 scholarships to this year's eight scholarships totaling about $19,500 with funds contributed by the WSLS Foundation, Berntsen International, Seiler Instrument, and Leica Geosystems.


Scholarships ($2,500 each) will be awarded at the 74rd Annual Surveyors Institute will be held January 25th thru 27th, 2023 at the Kalahari Resort and Convention Center in Wisconsin Dells, WI. Berntsen International, Seiler Instrument, and Leica Geosystems will each award one scholarship, the WSLS Foundation will award five scholarships. The WSLS Foundation scholarships will be presented in honor of Society members in recognition of their contributions to WSLS and the surveying profession.


To be eligible a student must be either:

1. Enrolled in and attending one of Wisconsin’s colleges that meet the requirements of Wis Admin Code A-E 6.04 by offering a Land Surveying or Civil Engineering Program. These include: North Central Technical College, Madison Area Technical College (Madison College), Milwaukee Area Technical College, Mid- State Technical College, Gateway Technical College and Northeast Wisconsin Technical College. Applicants from Fox Valley Technical College will also be accepted.

2. A Wisconsin resident attending an out-of-state school in a Bachelor of Science surveying program, having completed at least one year and enrolled in the 2nd year or later of that program

To Apply

All application material must be submitted digitally.

To apply for a scholarship, follow these steps:

1. You will need to complete a scholarship application form located at the “Apply Here” link below. You must sign in with an active Google Account to complete this form.

2. Request a Letter of Recommendation from one of your program instructors; a second letter may also be submitted. Ask that the letter(s) be emailed directly to or submitted . You will provide the author's name and contact information on the Submission Form. Be sure the authors agree to write you letters before submitting their names. A confirmation letter will be sent to you at the address you provide in the application when a letter is received. IT IS THE APPLICANT’S RESPONSIBILITY TO NOTIFY LETTER AUTORS IN A TIMELY MANNER AND TO ENSURE THAT THE LETTER HAS BEEN DELIVERED BY THE AUTHOR

3. Obtain a digital version of an official transcript from your current school. A transcript available only in printed form must be scanned. Be sure to request the transcript early to ensure it arrives before the application deadline. If only an unofficial transcript is available, it may be sent instead but must be clearly marked Unofficial Transcript. Name the transcript file: your name-transcript

4. Application material must be submitted using the form. You will attach files from steps (1) & (3) and provide contact information for your Letter of Recommendation authors in step (2).

5. Selection Process, the Education Committee will select Scholarship Recipients based on academics, financial need, references, content of question answers, and involvement in professional and student organizations. These will be submitted as recommendations to the funding entities who will have final approval. All application materials must be received by October 31, 2022. Incomplete applications will not be considered for a scholarship. If you have questions, please contact .


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